Ground8 kick-starts and organises Learning Labs for Businesses and in Neighborhoods. We believe that we need a lab environment/playground to experiment, test and learn to find possible solutions to solve complex (systemic) issues. Curious to know more? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Ground8 | Products

Learning Labs for Businesses

We offer a learning lab for Businesses to experiment, test and learn how to create a sustainable business with a possitive impact on our planet.

Learning Labs for Neighborhoods

We kickstart and organise learning labs in Neighborhoods to provide programs on Entrepreneurship, Collaboration and Human-centered Design methodologies.

Transition Hubs

We kickstart and facilitate Transition hubs based on themes to experiment and test possible solutions for  complex (systemic) issues in neighborhoods.

Building Healthy, Smart and Resilient Neighborhoods

Ground8 and Transitiereizen are joining forces in sharing our knowledge about why, what and how to build Healthy, Smart and Resilient Neighborhoods. We use whole-system thinking in our approach to social challenges. We kickstart and facilitate transition hubs based on themes to experiment, learn and test possible solutions for complex issues.

Curious? Please contact us to learn more!