Three Co-Working Space Activation Packages

Do you want to activate your co-working space, attrack digital knowmads and build up your community? Ground8 offers Co-working Space Activation Packages to activate, grow and thrive your community. Our goal is that your location will be THE Co-Working Hotspot in your area.

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Ground8 Activate (1)
Our basic package Activate includes Seats2meet tooling, monthly Pitch&Connect to actively pitch your company to others and inspirational sessions on trendy topics to generate traffic to your co-working space.


Ground8 Grow (1) + (2)
Our Grow package includes the above plus intake digital knowmads for matching purposes and building up your community, monthly Action Learning with buddy-up system for digital knowmads to stimulate progress . Try-outs for digital knowmads to test their product and services.

Ground8 Thrive (1) + (2) + (3)
Our Thrive package includes the above plus hosting at your location 3 days a week, Business mentor to help digital knowmads grow their business and coaching for personal and professional development.

Summary Co-Working Space Activation Packages

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